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The following are some answers to questions that I am frequently asked. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at alsayedkenna@yahoo.com!

How do you price your artwork?
All artwork is priced in inches.

Is shipping included in the price?
No. All shipping is extra and will depend on the size of the artwork and where it is going.

Will you do a drawing of a person?
I'm sorry, no. I hate to say it but animals (specifically horses) are what I specialize in and I'm not particularly interested in creating works of people alone or with their horses.

Will you do a drawing from a picture I found online or in a magazine?
No. As lovely as some of those photos are, they are ALL copyrighted and it would be illegal for me to create artwork from them. I therefore either use my own photographs or, if it is a commission, photographs taken by the person who has commissioned me.

Can you finish a drawing in time to be given as a Christmas gift?
Yes, as long as it is commissioned BEFORE September. I really hate to be stingy on this, but a lot of times I've found myself working up to the last possible second to get Christmas gifts done on time when they were commissioned a mere month before. I now try to get them all done in advance so that I can enjoy the holiday season with my family and friends without all the extra stress. I do offer a line of ready-made items available for sale on Cafepress.com, which would make perfect last-minute gifts (please visit the 'Gifts' link on your left for more information).

If I buy an original piece from you, will it be framed?
Yes, all original artwork is sold framed (unless otherwise noted). As soon as I complete a piece, I photograph it and take it to get framed. Why? A few reasons. Mainly, framing the art completes and protects it. Also, a lot of my artwork is exhibited in shows and all work must be framed to be entered. I have all my work professionally framed with quality materials and choose matting and framing that compliments the art. I will NOT have any original work sold unframed.

If I commission you, will it be framed?
Conversely, all works that are commissioned are not framed. Prices are for artwork only; it is up to the client to frame the work. Here is something to consider:

When you are thinking about commissioning me to do a piece of artwork, please keep in mind that you'll be needing to frame it once you get it, and the larger the piece, the more expensive the frame.