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Hello and welcome to Sorrel Studios: the home of Kenna Al-Sayed's realistic horse portraits.

Kenna Al-Sayed is an award winning equine artist that specializes in realistic horse artwork. She has always been passionate about both horses and art, and decided from very early on in life that her dream in life would be combining the two. After spending much of her life living abroad and finishing her education, she decided she was ready to pursue her goal of creating realistic horse artwork.

Capturing not only the anatomical correctness of a horse, Kenna strives to catch the personality and emotion from each horse she draws. If a horse is happy, tired, frustrated, annoyed; she wants the viewer to feel that along with visual beauty that every horse emits. Riding horses for over sixteen years has also given her an intimate understanding of not only the personalities of horses, but also riding disciplines and the types of training styles associated with different breeds of horses.

She prefers to work from photographic references (usually taken by her as she travels around the country and world going to horse events) and works in a variety of mediums, but has always found her strength to be within the drawing based arts. This includes graphite drawings, color pencil drawings, and scratchboards. But she is always up for new challenges, and will paint watercolors, acrylics, and has been known to sculpt every now and then.

Kenna invites any and all questions and loves discussing her artist process, materials, or anything about artwork. Please feel free to contact her with any and all questions.